Hello dear Friends… Shavua tov and chodesh tov to all!! Miriam Liebermann here.. A while back I had the privilege of visiting the Amud Aish Holocaust Memorial Museum in Bklyn.. Please read the attached letter that appeared recently in the Yated for more details.

The result of that visit is that I had an epiphany- thanks to Malcale’s question!!!! (written up in the yated letter). As more and more members of our parents generation journey on to the Olam Haemes, it then becomes our unique responsibility to give over our mesorah and to share stories of the incredible spiritual heroism that transpired during the Holocaust with our grandchildren. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. Over Chanukah, many of us read to our children ‘The Nine Spoons’, a moving story, a true story, of how young ones created a Menorah out of spoons.. THis book was written in a very sensitive fashion, appropriate for young children. Tzipi Diamond recommended another book to me, “The Promise” by her cousin, Chavi Diamond.

Tzipi dropped off a copy for me. I was so moved by this book that I contacted the author and visited her last week. Chavi and I had a most enjoyable and meaningful visit together.

I now have at home 2 boxes of this book, ‘The Promise’. The book was self published and is now being self distributed. I’m trying to help Chavi out a bit. The book is fabulous, the illustrations are perfect, endearing, moving.. an appropriate book for young children, discussing the promise a young girl made to her mother to take care of her younger sister during exceedingly trying times. The book is a paperback. Chavi is asking $12 per copy.. If you’re interested in purchasing the book, or several copies for each of your young families, please be in touch with me and we’ll work it out.

Before ending off, I’d love to hear how you are perpetuating the memories of these difficult times with your own children and grandchildren.. Please do share with me.. Todah rabbah!!

Warmest regards to all!!! Miriam Liebermann

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