My First Mission – “The Promise”

My parents were holocaust survivors. I’ve always been interested in hearing their stories and would encourage them to share their experiences with my children. I read books on the topic and as an artist I paint commemorative pieces as well.

Last year, a close friend of mine joined her children for the seder and naturally Pharaoh and the story of the Jews in Mitzrayim were discussed at length. The children all knew the stories. My friend brought up the Holocaust as a comparison, and she was shocked to learn that the children’s knowledge was minimal at best. How could it be, she asked, that year after year, children are taught about the events leading up to yitzias mitzrayim, but there is no curriculum for Holocaust studies in her grandchildren’s schools. How could it be, that even the youngest of children know that the Jews were enslaved and tortured by the Egyptians, but nothing of the horrors that their own grandparents went through.

Her words stung me. I can only imagine how she must have felt. I felt embarrassed for my generation, ashamed of our schools. What can I say in our defense? Nothing at all. But moving forward there is much I could do – and it became my mission. I started by researching the availability of Holocaust books for children. There are books out but nothing appropriate for younger children, I’m talking about five to eight year olds. The books were either too scary or they were fictional depictions of events. I decided to fill that void and that is what led me to write The Promise.

I am getting wonderful comments & reactions from kids of all ages, and I want to encourage parents and educators to share their comments on my blog. For my next book, I would love to choose some memorable stories from different survivors. Please add your comments or tell us your story. For more information about my next book or to tell me your story, you can call 917-681-8688 or email me at

Their Story is an important part of our History!

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6 Responses to My First Mission – “The Promise”

  1. Chani Adler says:

    I am truly inspired by the mission that you have embarked upon. There is so much to be learned from our ancestors and the stories that make up our history.

  2. Chavi Diamond says:

    It warms my heart to know how many people this story has touched. I’ve been getting countless calls and emails and it is truly encouraging and inspiring!

  3. marsha goldberg says:

    amazing concept. you are making a very important contribution. i am also a child of survivors and it is always a concern that it is of great importance to pass on the information of survivors.

  4. Aliza Haas says:

    Reading this wonderful book to my children lead to a thoughtful discussion about the Holocaust and how several of our family members survived World War II. The Promise is written in a way that allows each child to understand the story on their respective level. For example, my 8-year-old son was really interested in the finer details of the story and the illustrations, such as the yellow stars on their clothing or the numbers on Eva’s arm, while my younger children were more interested in the broader details of the story.
    This book is truly remarkable, as it introduces the concept of the Holocaust to children in a way that allows them to process the story according to their developmental stages. Great work Chavi! And thank you.

    Aliza Haas, Ph.D.
    Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy
    Chicago, Illiniois

  5. Lenore Kramer says:

    Please email me and let me know where I canpurchase a copy of your book. Thank you. Lenore Kramer