"The Promise" Book

As the child of Holocaust survivors, I feel that it is crucial that we educate our young children and future generations about their ancestors’ survival of Nazi persecution. Much is being done now in terms of Holocaust education for adults and teenagers, but very few are reaching out to the little ones. Time is of essence as there are few survivors left to tell their horrific tales. My objective is to get their stories out there NOW, while there are still witnesses alive to authenticate them.

To introduce children to the Holocaust at an early age, I propose to publish a series of age-appropriate memoirs complete with simple, easy- to-read text and appealing illustrations. Parents can use their discretion as to how much they want to elaborate.

Many schools are beginning to introduce the study or the history of the Holocaust into their curriculum at an earlier grade level. I am sure my book can play a major role in making that transition easier.

I have put much effort into the first book in this series, titled “The Promise” –  which is the true story of my aunt, as seen through the eyes of a young girl growing up in Hungary.

This is only a taste of what’s to come. My goal is to compile a collection of first-hand stories, validated by Survivors or family members. Each story will be told in first person and will focus on a different city invaded by Hitler and his army. Readers will vividly connect with the protagonists and their life-altering experiences.

Chavi Diamond

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Eichlers 1401 Coney Island Avenue • Brooklyn, NY 11230
Torah Treasures 3005 Avenue L • Brooklyn, NY 11210
The Judaica Place 1917 Avenue M • Brooklyn, NY 11230
Tuvias 421 Route 59 Pavilion III • Monsey, NY 10952